Logistics is an old activity, the value proposition that CHILE CARGO delivers,  goes beyond carrying out an activity.

Integrated logistics is a new concept, which was triggered by the greater demand of service by the customers, which refers to the processes of integration of the processes that facilitate the flow of goods and services from their point of origin to the point of consumption and whose purpose will be to increase the levels of services to customers and minimize costs significantly.

The supply chain is integrated from the issuance of the purchase order by our customers, which we are concerned that is fulfilled in its form and fund according to what was agreed upon in it, then moving to the coordination of withdrawal of the merchandise in origin to later begin the transport in its different means of transport towards its final destination. For the Custom’s clearance of the merchandise to our country,  we work with  Hernán Telleria and Co. Ltd. Custom’s Brokers,  Agency of 70 years of experience and with highly qualified personnel throughout all our country.

CHILE CARGO has an active traceability for all its operations, being able to deliver in real time the status of each order of its clients through our WEBTRACKING.






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