In Chilecargo we have the most complete road coverage both within national and South American territory. For all types of cargo, we provide the Dry Container movement service, Reefer, LCL cargo, among others.
In addition to the above we have multimodal service and specific projects for large volumes.
We also deliver the Door to Door delivery service.

We have commercial agreements with important warehouses, all of them under international certifications and high quality standards, which give rise to quality support of all our services to our customers.
The Inland Freight  coordination team attends each service in a personalized way, monitoring that it is carried out in a timely manner.

Inland Freight container transport

  • Pick Up of containers from the Container Depot or port.
  • Inland freight to the customer's plant.
  • Delivery of the empty container back to container Depot.
  • Delivery and dispatch at the customer’s warehouse.

Warehousing services

  • Storage by period previously agreed with the client, notmal or bonded warehouse
  • Dispatch from the storage place
  • Steveedores
  • Stevedores for loading or unloading of containers at the customer's plant.
  • Unloading service consists of removing the load from the container and delivering it on a pallet to the side of the container
  • Loadfing consists of receiving the load on the side of the container and stowing it inside the container
  • Side Lifter Services
  • Service for loading containers that need to be lowered from the truck for unloading.






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